What's in here?

The main goal of the program is to be a work a like of the ever popular command more. The difference is, that it runs in a graphic scrolled window with some widgets for text search, etc.

So, you can load/view text files, also you can pipe to the program and it will display on the window, wich you can use to scroll back on.

It works with X Window using the free GTK+ (Gimp Toolkit) library.

Project Status

Current version is: 1.1.0.

What works: Everything it's supposed to do.
What's missing: Man page. GNOME support.


Shots of Gmas taken from a RedHat 5.0 Linux box with GTK+ 1.2 and GTK Themes Engine 0.5.

Usage examples

Viewing a file
	gmas index.html &

	cat index.html | gmas &
Viewing a program's output
	grep word file.c | gmas &

	ls -al | gmas &

	gzip -dc file.tar.gz | tar tf - | gmas &


Source code is made available under GPL (GNU Public License). For now, only Linux (Intel) binary is available. BTW if anyone compiles under a different platform, please send your binaries to me!

Bug Report

If you have any bugs or problems please e-mail me.

This page was last updated on April 26, 2000.